Storyfell '''(also known as '''Fellshift''') takes place in an alternate universe that is the combination of Storyshift and Underfell. The undergroud is in bad conduct that under the slothful rule of Sans. The character of the underground is hostile and dangerous. The plot reaches to other Aus. The Creator is unknown, it might be Community-shared.

Story Edit

This story's follows under a time of stagnant in-progression where the Underground is left to ruins causing the monsters to turn to any means necessary to survive. A operative order of things soon came to pass given the idealism to Control or be Controled. Monsters turn at one another. Asgore, the the royal scientist minutely covers things over the Underground while Captain Toriel took control over it. Sans who is king, reigns over a broken kingdom of where its citizens are taking actions into their own hands. Thus is prior to the Protagonist's arrival.

Changes Edit

Characters Edit

Massachite is the main antagonist that seeks to destroy aus. He is a scientist that preceded Asgore before he was sucked into the void.

Asriel is a disciplined combatant that seeks perfection under the command of Massachite.

Chara is a violent blood-lust combatant under the command of Massachite.

Boogie is a wondering flower that aids the protagonist.

Papyrus is a shut-in caretaker that desires favor being banished and shunned.

Alphys is a shadowy figure.

Toriel is the captain of the Royal Guard, aggressive and skillful in combat.

Asgore is the Royal Scientist that created Undyne and responsible for Boogies current state.

Undyne is the robotic slave of Asgore.

Mettaton is a phantom that travels with the protagonist.

Sans is the slothful ruler of the Underground.