Looks like you've arrived to the wrong galaxy
-Solar Sans

Backstory Edit

As The Maker of Stars and Watcher of Black Holes, in this AU, everyone is their own star child. No one is the same because at least everyone has one difference. This difference is which divides them. Where this world takes place for, You ride around in a space ship in which you use to travel the Galaxy. You ride around to stop Nova!Asgore from taking away all of the planet Earths Determination. And as long as your using your Soulnation (Spatial Determination) responsibly, you will be spared, but if you start to use the Soulantion unwisely and start destroying worlds and stars, then you're gonna have a very "Spaced Out Time".

Stats Edit

Solar Sans

LV: 9.000000.5346320009

AT: 1020

DF: 5050

*Pray that the stars guide you*

Powers Edit

Lantern Attack Edit


Damage: 45


Space Cannon Edit


Damage: 85

Wormhole Blaster Edit


Damage: 920

Personality Edit

Solar! Sans loves making space-related puns and enjoys serving you space pie. He takes his job not-so seriously, and will do anything to catch a break.