"It was a murder. Fitting for a killer, no?"
– Sans

Sans is the God of Death along with Papyrus.

Profile Edit

Sans reaps the truly tainted/sinful souls, he just forcibly reaps them regardless of whether or not they’re ready. He takes the role as the judge of the souls. Sans and Papyrus were created by Asgore, Gerson, and Gaster to balance out Toriel, and Toriel left Asgore because of it, disgusted by his new creation.

He once loved a person very much...but when he touched that person it died a slow super painful death and told...reaper that he was only using him....Reaper was shocked at that fact. So a heartbroken Reaper turned almost crazy he tried to kill himself and he begged his brother for death....when that all failed he went to kill a whole Aus...the goddess of life (toriel) helped him though it and they both became very good friends.. he also has bits of his soul gone after giving some of it to the person he thought he loved...he not on really good terms with his brother. but he tries his best.

Personality Edit

Appearance Edit

Sans is a skeleton with a black hooded robe. He has wings that disappear when not in use. He has a scythe as a weapon.

Sans doesn't like his job but tries his best to hide it. He is calm most of the time and hides his feelings. his nice and funny once you get to know him.... but he has really big fear of dolls and clowns. Reaper is very scared of Gaster.

Fun Facts Edit

  • Reaper Sans has a coffee addiction.
  • He likes puns.
  • He kills everything he touches. (Oops!)
  • Every time someone takes a dead soul and turns it alive Reaper becomes very weak and sick and a bit of his soul goes away to