– Sans

Sans in this AU is verified as crazy. He was created by Furgemancs.



He is excitable and energetic, and gets very happy when he has a visitor or sees colours. He has a strange fondness to Band-Aids.

Appearance Edit

He has scars on his head. His pupils are white, with one pupil being larger than the other.

He wears a cream unfastened straight jacket, cream pants and pink slippers.

Relationships Edit


It is shown he can see his dead brother. That, and him cutting himself, is why monsters think he's insane.


He is seen having a liking to Ink. Ink saw his room was colourless and painted it, which Asylum!Sans was shown to like.


He does not yet know Create made him and his insanity.


They have met, and Backwards has shown pity towards him.


They enjoy playing around, and Band-Aids. He does not yet know Invert has a crush on him.


  • According to Furgemancs, he will he healed eventually.


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