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"i'm sans. sans the skeleton."
– Sans

Sans is the brother of Papyrus and a major character in Undertale. He first appears in the forest before Snowdin.

Profile Edit

A lazy skeleton who loves puns. He is occasionally shown drinking ketchup, and has a very strong connection with his brother Papyrus. Sans, like his brother, is a sentry of Snowdin, although unlike Papyrus, Sans is too lazy to actually do his job.

He makes occasional comments that appear hostile to the human, however, he always passes them off as jokes, so it is unknown what his true feelings are toward the human.

Personality Edit

Sans is generally lazy despite having 3 sentry positions and running the hot dog stand, though fans have speculated this may be a cover. He has a liking for puns and knock-knock jokes.

On the Genocide run, Sans becomes serious, threatening and fighting the player in the last corridor. This is the only possible way to fight Sans and it is widely considered the hardest fight in the game.

Powers and Abilities Edit

He's statistically the weakest monster due to having only 1 ATK, and DF. Despite this, he is easily the most difficult fight in the game, mainly due to the ability to dodge every attack, and also through Karmic Retribution (KR). He cannot be physically beaten, he can only be outlasted.

He has a masterful control of Blue Mode, and can change the direction of gravity. He also can summon bones that can drain a person's HP over time, in addition to doing 1 DMG per frame. The draining effect is referred to as 'Karmic Retribution', which implies that the strength of the drain differs based on how many monsters you have killed. However there is no way to test this, as you can only fight him after reaching 19 LV. Sans can summon guns referred to in the game's code as 'Gaster Blasters', skulls that somewhat resemble the DT Extraction machine in the True Lab and one of Asriel's attacks, the Hyper Goner (in the True Pacifist route) The blasters shoot beams of light that inflict damage in the same way as the bones. Many of these can be summoned at once. In the second half of his battle he can also summon bones to attack the player's SOUL as they navigate the battle menu.

Sans is the only monster in the game who can dodge of his own accord. He dodges regardless of the power of your strike, until he falls asleep.

Weaknesses Edit

He tires out during the duration of your battle, eventually falling asleep - where you can kill him to end the fight. there is no way to spare him, or get around him. Attempting to spare him will result in a game over, displaying the text: "Getttt Dunked On!!" while playing DogSong

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