Item #: SCP-079

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:Edit

SCP-079 is packed away in a double-locked room in the secured general holding area at Site-15, connected by a 120VAC power cord to a small array of batteries and solar panels.

Staff with level 2 or higher clearance may have access to SCP-079. Under no circumstances will SCP-079 be plugged into a phone line, network, or wall outlet.

No peripherals or media will be connected or inserted into SCP-079.


SCP-079 is an [REDACTED] microcomputer built in 20XX. The intelligence of SCP-682 is stored on this computer.

SCP-079 is currently connected via RF cable to a 13" black-and-white television. It has passed the Turing test, and is quite conversational, though very rude and hateful in tone. Due to the limited memory it has to work with, SCP-079 can only recall information it has received within the previous twenty-four hours, although it hasn't forgotten its desire to cause chaos.

Subject doesn't communicate at all but he keeps muttering the same three words 'UNDERTALE Online Shutdown'.


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