Chara is the 7th human that fell into the underground before Mettacrit and loves role playing with their adoptive brother, Asriel. They want to become a member of the Royal Guard, like their father, Asgore, who is the captain of the Royal Guard. They take the place of Asriel from Storyshift and Papyrus from the original Undertale.

Profile Edit

Appearance Edit

Chara is a human with brown hair, pink cheeks, and red eyes (their eyes were originally brown). They wear a green jacket with yellow pockets, dark grey pants, red sneakers and a rainbow colored scarf that was originally owned by Asriel. They might also own a faded ribbon, since monsters cannot hurt them, but that is not confirmed.

Personality Edit

Chara is a kind-hearted soul that loves their brother. They always prefer to be called "cool" rather than cute. They might also have a short term memory, since according to the creator they also have played every route except for genocide, but they always forgot every run they have played. They love to garden, cook, bake, and use magic, just like their parents. They also love animals, mostly dogs, as they owned a ton of pets.

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