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It's me, your best friend.
– Asriel, before the final battle

Asriel Dreemurr is the biological child of Toriel and Asgore and the adoptive brother of the first human. He serves as the final boss of a True Pacifist Route and is the one that breaks the barrier.

Profile Edit

Appearance Edit

Normal Edit

Similar to Toriel and Asgore, Asriel is seen as an anthropomorphic goat monster. He has long, droopy ears, visible fangs, and a snout. He wears a yellow and green striped shirt, black pants, and lacks horns. He also has a small wisp of white fur on the top of his head.

God Of Hyperdeath Edit

During this form, Asriel is seen wearing a long, dark robe that looks similar to his mother with shoulder pads and a large collar. He now has long curved horns and his fangs become longer. His scleras turn black and he has dark marks on his face. He also wears a heart locket that is similar to the first human.

Final Form Edit

Asriel's body is more geometrical and the lower part becomes sharp. He has longer horns as well as sharper teeth. He also has a pair of wings that simultaneously change color. His final form resembles the Delta Rune and The Angel Of Death.

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