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Asgore is the King of the Underground and has the Monarch role in Undertale. The least is known about him than any other main cast character though he is the one talked about the most by the rest of the cast. Generally, he is described as a kind-hearted and lovable softy. He was the one that killed the humans that have fallen into the Underground since Asriel's death. He dresses up as Santa for the monsters in the underground as proven by a Santa suit being found in his home. Due to Asriel's death, he cannot age. Asgore dies on any route that isn't the True Pacifist ending. His death can either be caused by the player, Flowey or himself if Flowey was killed on the previous run and the player refuses to. He is well known for being terrible at coming up with names.

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Toriel Edit

Toriel is his ex-wife. They are separated when the game starts and Toriel maintains her bitter attitude towards him if he's still alive at the end of a run. Asgore still loves Tori and is desperate to rekindle the relationship. It is unknown if Toriel morns his death in a neutral route.

Asriel Edit

Asgore's son and heir. His death drove him to declare war on humanity.

Chara Edit

Asgore's adopted child. They laughed off Asgore's buttercup poisoning. Not much is known about the relationship.

Alphys Edit

The Royal scientist was hired by Asgore. He cares about her and tries to keep in touch.

Undyne Edit

The Captain of the Guard was trained by Asgore. They have a close friendship.

Flowey Edit

Often murders Asgore and always attacks and shatters his SOUL on a neutral route. Flowey attempts to warn Asgore about the player on a genocide route. Some people believe that Asgore may have named Flowey because Asgore is bad at naming things.

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